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Business Start Up Support

Whether you’re starting from scratch with your own business idea, buying a franchise business, or joining a multi-level marketing company, we can support you.

When you start your own business, whatever your goals and circumstances, you need to ensure you run your business your way. Getting that right can take time, with lots of trial and errors along the way to find what works for you.

Whether it’s working out the systems you need for your business, or finding the right people to work with, running your own business can be frustrating. Especially to start with.

We’ve got a number of resources and support for you as you start your business.

Business Growth Support

If you’ve run your own business for years, or you’re simply ready to grow your business to the next level, we’d be honoured to be part of your support team.

We often question ourselves when we’re in the business growth phase – why are we doing it? Is it worth the effort? What do I need to put in place so the business can grow?

If you’ve grown your business to this stage, then you’re very capable of taking it further. If you want to. And that’s often where we come in to work out if growing your business is really what you want to do next.

We’ve got a number of free and paid for support options and resources for you as you grow your business your way.

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Business Cheerleading Club

A place to be yourself, pull up a chair and share with other business owners.
A happy place to learn, ask questions, get support, to grow your business in the right way for you and your family.

“Thanks for being there – just knowing I have a place I can ask for info is helpful and calming.” Laura

Business Cheerleading Club for business training, coaching, expert workshops & business online support for you & your business


In life and business it’s important we meet and work with the right people at the right time to grow ourselves and our business.

We love inspiring confidence in business owners, so that you can grow your business your way.

With our business online support programmes and business training, you can get the business support you need when you need it, in the right way for you.





One to one support

Whether it’s someone to hold you accountable, keep you on track, or simply listen to you whilst you’re working things out, Tracey-Jane Hughes can help you.

An experienced business owner, who has helped businesses start from scratch and grow, Tracey-Jane will spend time listening, supporting, training and coaching for whatever step you need next.

One off or regular one to one support sessions available (limited spaces)

Tracey-Jane Hughes runs own business of Manage Those Things

Action Learning Set

Learning together and taking action because you’ve committed to it in front of a group is powerful.

Business owners with great ideas but no action don’t get to where they want to go.

You on the other hand, are ready to take action and want to work with a small group who will be your support team whilst you’re exploring ideas, learning what works for you & trying things out.

Online & face to face groups available.

action learning helps you and your business grow


Online business focused workshops with experts in their field.

At least one workshop every month to learn about a business growth tool, or an aspect of personal development.

Online workshops, fully interactive in small group, to get your questions answered.

Previous workshops include – online visibility, starting a difficult conversation.

Fully recorded for you to keep for personal use only.

online business support and skills workshop


Business training and learning how to do “that thing” can be time consuming and frustrating when it’s not priority in your business.

We’ll work with you to work out what you’re trying to achieve with “that thing” in your business, then plan training (one off or regular), to achieve it.

Some standard training programmes, like our “I’ve got a website, now what?” course offer a step by step guide with up to 6 months support.

online business training and support programme for getting your website working

We’ve helped others Manage Those Things to grow their business

Love the Business Cheerleading Club! Had a great coaching session yesterday and gained some much needed clarity with the fabulous Tracey-Jane Hughes

Alice Andreat
Alice AndreatFabulous with Alice

Thanks for being there – just knowing I have a place I can ask for info is helpful and calming.

Laura Donnelly
Laura DonnellyDancing with Ease

Recently I was lucky enough to attend a ‘Find Your Why’ session with TJ. This session is really worth your time for both your business and personal life. In fact what TJ will get to, is what your personal strengths and traits are and how these can be incorporated into a successful business. TJ is an excellent listener, and this is essential to this session. You need to be prepared to ‘go deep,’ tell the stories you really want to tell and watch TJ bring out the main themes and characteristics to help you bring your core values into your work life.
If you feel like you want your business to be a reflection of you, I would advise you invest in the time with TJ and watch how things develop. We have lots of future plans now and I can’t wait to see how these unfold. Finding your ‘why’ with TJ will help motivate and inspire you.

Angie Webb
Angie WebbDirectorGlenbreck Health Ltd

“I have to be honest, business was completely out of my comfort zone, and if it’s wasn’t for T-J, I’d have had absolutely no idea of how to move forward with my business plans. She has put me in touch with relevant people and support groups, but more importantly, T-J nurtures every aspect, not just in a business sense, but as a person too.

I think, at times, I could have ran away from the business idea. But T-J never gave up on me. She understands and supports the pace I like to work at, and helps to set goals for me to reach until our next catch up meeting so I’m always progressing. I am able to move forward with my business because of her passion for helping others, her invaluable advice, and most of all her belief in me.”

Sarah Stewart
Sarah StewartSarah Stewart Designs

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