2018 Content Planner

Start 2018 as you mean to go on with planned content for your website. Creating regular content for your website helps keep you in your customers minds. It shows your customers that you have a real understanding of their needs, and that your business is the right place to come for their solution.

We’ve been using blogging to grow our business, and helping clients to grow theirs, for over 10 years. We love it, and it’s what’s made our businesses stand out from the crowd. We don’t always get it right, but when we have a plan, which includes responding to customer queries, we know we’re reaching our target audience. How do we know? Because those ideal clients contact us, either through the blog, or piece of content, itself. Or, it prompts them to get in touch on social media, ring us up, or email us.

What is a Content Planner?

A Content Planner is a document which you use regularly to plan the content you’re going to share with your audience. This content may be a blog, a Facebook post, a LinkedIn Pulse article, or a twitter update. Not all content you share is relevant to all your audiences, or where they’re at in their relationship journey with you and your business.

It’s one place where you store your information, and review what’s worked and what didn’t. It’s a place to be reminded that you have some excellent content that you can use throughout the year – just because you wrote a great article in January, doesn’t mean it can’t be re-used later in the year. If it ‘spoke’ to your audience in January, then it’s likely to press some buttons again in July.

A content planner helps you see how all your themes are coming together, and how much content you’ve spent on each area that’s important to your business and audience.

It can be used in so many ways, and we know that we all learn and use information in different ways, but a planner is a starting point. A central place for planning and reviewing.

We’re still putting the final touches to the 2018 Content Planner, which we’re expecting to be available by 31st December, (we know, we’ve had too much family time enjoying ourselves!). So in these next couple of days, if you’d like to pre-order this content planning system it’s only £9.00 (It will be £14 full price, which we think is still a bargain for a 12 month focused business planner), please use the button below. We’ll be sending manual confirmation emails as we want to spend time getting the planner right, rather than setting up a complicated email system! 😉

 2018 Manage Those Things Blog Content Planner

 £14.00 for 2018 year content planner

What’s in the Content Planner?

  • Each month we have provided you with a full calendar, additional planning pages, to do pages and a 2 page Week at a Glance section.
  • With these pages you can add your own Quote or Motivational Message each month to keep you inspired and working on your goals.
  • The post planner will help you plan out your post and determine the purpose of each post.
  •  Use the post pre-publish page as a checklist so you don’t forget any important elements.
  • On top of this you get a Daily Planner, Blog To Do List, Monthly Goal sheet and then the Week at a Glance Pages.
  • Web stats template tracker
  • Password tracker
  • Top post tracker
  • Brainstorming
  • Topic ideas
  • and other templates and pages you may find useful

Examples of pages created for you in our 2018 content planner:

week to view content planner

2018 monthly content planner

2018 Manage Those Things Blog Content Planner

 £14.00 for 2018 content planner

If you need more help with how to use content to grow your website’s visibility, use our Get Your Website Working Course, or book a one to one call with Tracey-Jane to work through what’s best for your business to get it working in the right way for you. Or simply connect with us in the best way for you and just ask! That’s what we’re here to help you with – getting confident to run your business your way 🙂