4 week live taught course to show you how you can get your website working for you

Have a beautiful website but don’t know what to do now?

Your web designer told you that you need to do SEO now, but you don’t know what that means?

Your business network friends tell you you need to spend 2 hours a day on social media to promote your business, but you’re not sure that you want to do that?

You’re spending a lot of money on SEO with a company, but you have no idea what they’re doing & they’ve just told you their fee is going up.

You’ve spent all your budget on your website, so don’t have anything left for marketing?

Is this you?

Four week live taught course – starts 6th November

We’ve created a four week course especially to get your website working for you. The course will show you that you can do what you need to promote your wonderful website. Each week we’ll focus on a different area of online visibility, and we’ll do tasks together to put our learning into action.

You’ll need to commit 2 hours each week to complete the tasks in the course, but you can go at your own pace. You’ll have lifetime access to the materials.

There’ll be a live video for the week & a live Q&A (just getting some experts lined up for this, which we’re very excited about!). This will be supported by checklists and worksheets for each area we focus on.

The online support group will be there for support, advice and encouragement too. Whatever your goal, we’ve got the right things available to help you achieve it.

This is a basic course i.e. reminding you of basics to promote your website online, but you can have a high level of knowledge in one particular area, and still benefit by having experts stretch your knowledge and skills further. At each stage there’ll be extra support and suggestions for the next steps of growth for that part. We all know that by being held accountable, we achieve more. This course will do that for you.


Cost of course:

4 x live how to tutorials with Q&A, worth £400

4 x Q&A sessions with online marketing experts, worth £400

Online support group with coaching support & accountability to achieve your goal, worth £600

Checklists & worksheets, worth £100

Total value of course = £1,500



(SHHH, please don’t tell our accountants as they’ve forbidden me from doing anything under £97 ever again!)



Tracey-Jane Hughes

Tracey-Jane Hughes

Sign up now & let’s get started and working together to get your website working for you. I’m so excited about showing you some simple tools for you and your team to follow to make a real difference.

Remember, this course is being taught live, with live coaching support & experts in the group.

I can’t wait to help you get your website working for you 🙂

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