Are you concerned how you’re going to get going after the lovely summer you’ve had with the family?


Do you feel overwhelmed with what’s on your priority list this month?


Are you wondering how to kick start your business after spending the summer focused on other things?

Discover your BUSINESS FOCUS to get back on track quickly and start SERVING CUSTOMERS and INCREASING YOUR INCOME now the children are [almost] back at school in just 20 minutes a day.


FREE 5 day Kick Start Business Challenge

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5 day kick start business challenge


The 5 day Kick Start Business Challenge is available in September. You choose the 5 consecutive days you want to focus on your business and the challenge to suit your family, commitments and your diary.

The daily challenge tasks will be delivered to you by email every morning at 6am. They’ll include a short video from me, with your task for the day. Feedback and support will be delivered in the online facebook group until 21st September. Tasks should take no longer than 20 minutes a day to complete, however you may choose to spend longer on some days.



  • You’ll get your priorities clear for this month which will focus you on the next few months of your business growth
  • By focusing on YOUR BUSINESS for 20 minutes each day, you’ll find that all the parts of your business start moving again in the right way
  • You’ll get your business moving again in the right way for you and your other commitments

Tracey-Jane Hughes Business Cheerleader

I’m Tracey-Jane Hughes and will be your guide and cheerleader during the challenge. I started my first business almost 15 years ago, and have won and been nominated for national business awards.

I help you find your confidence to manage your life and business your way.


Are you ready to kick start your business into action this month so it starts to grow again?

Join us on this free 5 day kick start business challenge in September and take the action you need to get you and your business growing again:

This challenge has now ended. If you’d like to get support to get your business kick started, join the Business Cheerleading Club