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Are you managing all areas of business efficiently?

When we first start out in business, we often dive straight in with the thing we’re most comfortable with, and also the thing we’re most passionate about. And we love it!

Then we realise that there’s more areas of business that we need to consider to ensure that everything is done, so that customers are served on time, suppliers are paid, and that we’re paid too! It maybe isn’t so simple running a business after all!

If we’re a one person business, then we’re responsible for ensuring all areas of business are completed to a high standard and nothing is missed. Even if we get others to help us, whether it’s family and friends, or we pay a specialist, we still need to manage all aspects of business for it to function efficiently.

What areas of business do you focus on?

Do you have particular areas of business you focus on? Is that because you enjoy them more? Do you shy away from the finances as you don’t like numbers? Or do you simply love putting new photographs on your website, or communicating with customers on social media?

There will be certain areas of business we prefer. However, as business owners we need to ensure that all are covered and carried out, so our business can grow.

Areas of business to manage:

areas of business

  • Finances
    • money in
    • money out
    • annual accounts & tax returns
  • Resources
    • staff, contractors
    • systems
    • asset management
    • property management
  • Products &/or services
    • buying or making
    • storing
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
    • Offline
    • Online
  • Public relations
  • Administration
    • systems
    • procedures
    • reporting
  • Technology
  • Strategy & structure
  • Planning & review

You may well have some other areas of business, or terms you use. Do they come into these general headings? Or do we need to add some more?

OK, so now we’ve identified areas of business you need to manage, are you managing them efficiently?

Again, efficiency for one business will look very different to another. So, firstly, do you have time scheduled in your diary for each of these areas of business? That’s the first thing to consider.

You may only do your business finances once a month, whilst you work on marketing every day. That’s fine. As long as you’re working on all areas of business, then you’ll be making progress in your business.

So, which areas of business do you need to pay a little more attention to?

The Business Cheerleading Club focuses support on your WHOLE business, and the business training, experts and business coaching will support the area YOU need help with. Join now, and don’t worry about what you haven’t been doing. Let’s focus on what you have been doing, and put a plan in place for those other little bits.

Once you’re aware of all the areas of business, you can plan to work on them, in the right way for you.

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  1. Carrie Eddins
    Carrie Eddins says:

    Tracey-Jane great post are you in my office right now? I am in the process with the help of the wonderful Sarah Arrow and Annabelle Kaye setting up systems, and structures, so that I can manage my business much more efficiently with systems and structures!!

    • Manage
      Manage says:

      I could see you from here Carrie! Sounds like you’re getting everything in place to manage your business more efficiently. Systems & structures are great, but they have to work for you & your style of working. I’m sure your team have done a great job & today you’ll be running with them all 🙂

  2. Esther Nagle
    Esther Nagle says:

    Wow, this really shows just how much work is involved in running a business, no wonder business owners feel overwhelmed – I know I do! I definitely don’t manage all areas of my business well, this post has really helped me to see just what I need to think about more often to be a success (I can’t just spend all my time blogging and doing webinars and FB lives can I? what a shame!)

    • Manage
      Manage says:

      Hee hee! If only we could always spend time on just the things we love doing. Remember though Esther, you don’t have to everything yourself. Others can help you. You just simply need to manage all aspects of your business.

  3. Shelley Fishel
    Shelley Fishel says:

    Oh yes. So many elements to running your own business and we don’t realise them before we start. It is a kind of learn as we go along thing. Finding the right people to help and support you are key. The Busienss Cheerleading Club sound perfect.

    • Manage
      Manage says:

      Yes, I agree that it’s learn as you go along. I think many business owners wouldn’t even start if they thought it all through beforehand! Thanks for your kind words about the Business Cheerleading Club. We’re all in it together, wanting every member to succeed 🙂


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