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ADVENT – DAY 21: WP Fiddly Bits

WP Fiddly Bits Day 21, and we’re getting closer to the end of our business showcase for Advent 2017. It’s amazing to look back and see who we’ve worked with in some way this year. And some of our clients, and businesses we collaborate with didn’t want to be involved, so I’m overwhelmed with the […]

ADVENT – DAY 20: Sarah Jane Lee

Sarah Jane Lee It’s been amazing who I’ve met these past few months, and they all seem interconnected in some way to help others. Sarah Jane Lee is no exception. Sarah is an experienced actor, storyteller, drama workshop creator, school teacher, singer, voice over artist, and many other ‘things’ besides. Sarah Jane ran the RSC […]


UTILITY WAREHOUSE Whilst the Utility Warehouse isn’t a small company, as it’s listed on the London Stock Exchange, not many people have heard of it. It’s also a company which is promoted by a network of self employed distributors who are all passionate about helping people save money and earn money. We’ve been using Utility […]


Wisdom Oracle I first met Deborah at a women’s personal development group run by the lovely Sarah Walton in Lancashire. It took me a long time to really understand how Deborah helped people, and it’s been wonderful getting to know her over these last two years. This year I’ve worked with Deborah more closely and […]


Mercury Model A friend first introduced me to the Mercury Model when we were talking about communicating with our children, and I was struggling at the time. I found the first book online, Learning without Tears, and read it from cover to cover. It all made sense, and I felt that I wasn’t a failing […]


Bra Lady Bra Lady is a network of self employed bra fitters, trained and supported by Tracey-Jane Hughes, so this business is close to our hearts, (literally!). Tracey-Jane set up the bra fitting network to ensure women across the UK are able to have a bra fitting in their own home, from a trained bra […]


I’ve known Angie from Glenbreck Health for about 9 years now, and she’s always been involved with improving people’s health in some way. When she told me she was setting up a new business with the lovely Norma MacPherson it made perfect sense. Glenbreck Health Ltd have grown rapidly, and their plans for further growth are […]

ADVENT – DAY 14: Josie Dom

Josie Dom I met Josie Dom this year through a women’s network group and became fascinated by her work. She has such a passion for writing, creating characters and bringing them to life, and in her own words, for “nonsense”. Josie, as an author, has stories to tell. But it’s much more than that. Josie […]

ADVENT – DAY 13: Monks Astrology

Monks Astrology Another talented artist visits our Advent Calendar today. Kathryn Monks is a gifted artist, with a love of astrology. Each piece of art she creates, whether it’s stained glass, stone, paint, drawing, or using her laser etching tool and placing beautiful Swarovski crystals, she creates each piece with love and detail. Kathryn’s love […]


KCJ Gifts Sometimes you come across amazing people who are so selfless that they aren’t really aware of what they’re doing and the impact it has on others. When I first met Kay and Jo in the summer they were selling lovely jewellery and gifts at a friends girls night in party. We got talking, […]