Welcome to the Business Cheerleading Club

Thank you for your first payment. I’m delighted to welcome you to this place where Business owners take action & cheer each other on.

You’re obviously keen to get your business moving more quickly, and this group will help you to do that.

You’re now able to join the secret group where our actions will be recorded & introduce yourself and your business. You’ll be asked a couple of questions when you join the group. This is to help us help you. Feel free to add any further information about the actions you’re wanting to take and/or need help with in the group, or direct to Tracey-Jane, the founder and owner of Manage Those Things.

I’m so excited you’re ready to take action & grow your business. We’re really looking forward to working with you and seeing your business grow and develop.

Tracey-Jane Hughes learnt to manage the overwhelm of business

Tracey-Jane Hughes


Tracey-Jane x