Business Cheerleading Club

What We Do


Ever struggle to know what to do first when there’s so much on your list?

Need some help with some business ‘stuff’ but don’t want to pay a fortune to get a specialist to help you?

Like to learn about one aspect of managing your business, to see if you want to do it yourself, or get someone else to do it for you?

Would you like someone to cheer you on, however small your success?

Can’t afford a coach, but would like some coaching?

Business Cheerleading Club

Support, coaching and training for all ‘those things’ to do with running and managing your business.

Our passion is to encourage you to manage your business your way, so that you always love what you do and have fun in business and life.

Isn’t that why we’re in business? To have fun & enjoy life? We think so!

Each month you’ll get:

– a tutorial & checklist for a particular business area or issue (maybe one you’ve raised?)
– take part in an Action Spotlight Coaching session for up to 5 people who’d like some support on an area in their business, which we can all learn from (everyone joins in even if you’re not being coached)
– an expert interview or tutorial on an area of relevance to running and/or growing your business
– ongoing support, encouragement & idea sharing for any area that club members want to discuss/need help on

You’ll have access to the resource library & previous interviews, tutorials & coaching spotlights (we’ll reference them for ease of access).

You will also get early access (& money off) new business training courses.

Run by Tracey-Jane Hughes, an experienced listener, business owner, trainer and coach, the club will inspire confidence.

As an inaugural member of the Business Cheerleading Club, you’ll get full access to all these services and support for the lifetime price of £10 a month. Support and cheerleading has already started, and our first expert will be hosting a webinar next week, with the first action spotlight coaching session on 31st January.

To good to be true?

Tracey-Jane has been in business over 14 years. She has started businesses from scratch, growing them, and selling some on. Throughout this time, Tracey-Jane, (also known as T-J), has supported others to set up, and grow their own businesses. Almost 20 women have been trained and supported to start their businesses from scratch with T-J’s support and encouragement.

Tracey-Jane is the chief cheerleader for her teenage sons who are both active sportsmen. It felt right to pull T-J’s expertise into one place to help other business owners grow and develop their businesses in a fun, supportive way.

T-J has worked with many experts over the years, and the Business Cheerleading Club will be bring some of these into the club to support you in specific ways. Or, if you have a question that no-one in the group can answer, we’ll ask an expert in to help.

If you don’t ask, we can’t help.

The club will grow to support members personal and business growth and development. As an inaugral member, you’ll help shape the themes and delivery of the club (we’re working on the technology to ensure it’s easy for you to access whatever you need quickly and easily).

Ready to join us? It’s just £10 a month, for your lifetime in the club.

We’d love to have you cheerleading others with us & are looking forward to cheering you on as your business grows.

If you’re looking for more one to one support, then our 6 month Confident Business Owner programme may be for you, or one to one coaching