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Business is personal

Do you think business is personal? When you do business with others, for your family or your business, does it make a difference who/where you buy from?

I don’t just mean buying local, or focus on small business economy. I mean the person, (or the group of people), you buy from. The service they offer, not just the products, or the price.

So, whatever your personal preferences, think about what your customers think, and how they act. How can you make business personal for them?

Tips to make your business more personal

  1. Make sure your business shows the customer the people behind the business. Whether you trade solely online, or have a team, show them off. You’re proud of your team aren’t you? Get their photos (good quality), and put them on the website. Introduce them to your customers so they know who they’re dealing with.
  2. Use the name of the person dealing with that part of the process in communications. Whether it’s an email update, or on the despatch note. It makes it more personal experience. If it’s just you, then make sure the customer knows it’s you.
  3. Share your story. Not only do people buy from people, but they like to know your story. They will tell others your story. They may even share their story with you.
  4. Share testimonials. Showing you’re doing a great job for other customers is a perfect way to show that you’re doing a great job, and helps others put their trust in you.
  5. Tell some family stories. Whilst it’s important to keep your private life private, there may be stories you can share to make your world come to life for your customers. It’s surprising how sharing a photograph of a place you’ve visited can instigate a conversation with a potential customer!

If business is personal, are you doing all you can for your business?

business is personal people buy from peopleI say this as you may disagree that business is personal! Please do let me know by leaving a comment.

And if you do agree that business is personal, are you doing ALL you can to promote your business?

  • Are you being yourself?
  • Do you tell your friends about your business, even if they may not be ideal customers they may know someone who is?
  • Are you getting enough sleep so you start work in the right frame of mind each day?
  • Do you take enough breaks so that the quality of your product or service is high quality every time?
  • Does every customer get the same care and attention you want to give?

Whether you agree with the statement, “business is personal” or not, I’d love your thoughts and your tips on what you can do to create a personal experience for your customers to make them feel welcome. Please leave a comment below.


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  1. Alice Elliott
    Alice Elliott says:

    Hi Tracey-Jane, I totally believe business can be personal.

    People buy from people. If the business cannot relate to its customers, and vice versa, they will not understand each other and a sense of communication is lost.

    Relationship building thrives on conversations, which can happen anywhere, both on- and offline. This is more likely to happen if there is a sense of personal contribution from both parties, as this makes each other appear to be more human, and therefore more approachable to do business.

    • Manage
      Manage says:

      Thanks Alice. I appreciate your thoughts. I agree that we need more conversations in our lives, and this will in turn build people’s business.

  2. Shelley
    Shelley says:

    Hello Tracey-Jane – I totally agree that business is personal down to the person who answers the phone! If that person sounds off your customer will high tail it out of there quicker than you can say “put the phone down” The people in your business are very important. Great post as ever 🙂 Shelley

    • Manage
      Manage says:

      Thanks Shelley. I find it amazing how many people don’t take notice of all aspects of their own business, when they are quick to comment on their experience with others. Hoping to share some thoughts to make people think and grow their businesses.


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