Whether you’re starting your business from that germ of an idea you had, or joining an existing business, everything is going to be new as you grow your business start up.

There’s so many things to think about when you start your business, and not all of them will be your favourite things to do. That’s OK. As long as you know what needs to be done, and you manage all aspects of your business start up you’ll be fine.

You’ve got your family and friends, and maybe the team you’re working with, who are excited for your business start up. Your support team is crucial for your business growth and development, and keeping you on track when you find things hard. Which you will. That’s perfectly normal.

Support for your Business Start Up

You’ll know what your strengths and weaknesses are. You’ll know what your passion is for creating this new business. You may not be totally clear about the best support for you. That’s fine too. The business support you want will change over time, as you learn new skills and become confident in new areas of your business.

We have a number of ways we can support you and your business as you start up on this new journey in your life. The free start up checklist could be a good place to start.

If you’re not sure what you want or need for your next steps, book an explore call and let’s work out a non-commital plan.

“The coaching session I had helped me get my thoughts clear. My mind wasn’t jumbled up, and I had a clear plan of action to follow. Thank you T-J” , Karen, Karen Peddie Holistics

Running your own business is a very special thing. It’s fun, exciting, scary, all consuming, and amazing.

You’re your own boss. You’re responsible for everything in your business. You have the talent and ability to create something amazing with your own business for you and your family. You have passion and belief.

But you feel something’s missing, and you’re not progressing quite as quickly as you expected to.

A place to go and talk business, with business owners who know exactly what it’s like to juggle / things not work out as you expect

Business training, and support, to do “those things” quicker, better, easier, so you can cross it off your list

 Monthly business coaching plus on-going support, without it costing more than your earning each month

Growing your own business takes time, effort and energy. You have so much to learn, but that takes time you don’t always have. The Start Up Business Club is a single place to go for business training, support and coaching, with resources from other business owners about how to do “this” and “that” in your business.


  • monthly business training
  • monthly group action coaching session
  • weekly expert interviews
  • online support group

Only £24.00 a month

(every 30 days)


(only 5 spaces at any one time)

–  30 minutes one to one coaching or training every month (or one hour every 2 months, which ever is best for you)

Plus all Start Up membership benefits

£57 a month

(every 30 days)


(only 3 spaces at any one time)

–  60 minutes one to one coaching or training every month

Plus all Start Up membership benefits

£84 a month

(every 30 days)

Being confident in the steps you’re taking for your business growth can feel easier when working with someone else.

As a small business owner, not everyone will understand what it’s like to grow and develop a business. Working with Tracey-Jane Hughes, an experienced business owner, you’ll keep on track through the next 6 months to grow your business your way.

Using a mixture of one to one coaching, training and development, group encouragement and support, and weekly check ins, you’ll find you’ll stay focused on your business.

Limited places available.

6 places available in any 6 month period

Pay in full £1500:

OR, Make 4 payments of £450:
Instalment for Confident Business Owner
Number of payments 4
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout £450.00 GBP
Every 1 month (x 3) £450.00 GBP
Total £1,800.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
Sign up for Confident Business Owner 6 month support programme

Learning through taking action is an excellent way to develop and grow yourself and your business.

there is no learning without action and no (sober and deliberate) action without learning. Reg Revans

Action learning is a process by which you work with a small group of people to explore options available to you before deciding which option you’ll commit to taking action on. By committing to a group, you’re more likely to take action and grow yourself and your business.

There’s two ways you can access our Action Learning Sets:

Join the Business Cheerleading Club with the added benefits, Gold membership (with the expert workshop each month), or Start Up Focus membership (without expert workshop), where one month would be one to one time & the next month action learning set.
Book directly for each session individually for £100 a session, or book 6 for £500 (via the class pack).

Talking the steps through for your business growth with someone else can help you get your priorities in order.

As a small business owner, it’s often hard to take the time out to work on your business, when you’re needed in the business all the time. Working with Tracey-Jane Hughes, an experienced business owner, you can use the time together to develop ideas, get clear on your priorities, or learn how to do something you’re currently stuck on.

Book and use the time as and when you need it. Work through online meeting room with the facility to screen share to work together on your priority this month.

You may benefit from regular support available through the Start Up Business Club.

Limited time slots available. Find the right one for you:

You’ve done such a fantastic job of creating your beautiful website. I know you’re really proud of it. You spent so much time on it – researching, testing, getting the right images, and the right words.

Since you’ve gone live though, the website hasn’t been the friend to your business that you expected. After your initial hype and enthusiasm, you haven’t had the energy to keep you the same level of talking about it, and you think you’re boring your friends and family with talk of your business website.

How to get your website working for you

By learning, and implementing, these website tips and tools you’ll be able to easily get your website bringing clients regularly to you.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  1. Check your google analytics stats.
  2. Quick audit on your website so you learn each aspect about your website – what’s working & what needs attention – including site speed & page errors
  3. Is your meta data set up correctly for your website
  4. Is your About page telling your clients what they need to know?
  5. Can your clients contact you easily?
  6. What directories and local pages are you listed on? Is the information up to date?
  7. Is the information you’re sharing on your website relevant and what your ideal customers are wanting to know?
  8. If someone visits your website do they know your business is still working?
  9. How does your social media strategy link to your overall online marketing strategy?
  10. Ensure you have a complete strategy and action plan for continuing to get your website bringing clients to you

During this 10 step programme, you’ll receive bite size step by step tutorials and checklists for each part of the process. You’ll learn how to review and action each stage of getting your website bringing clients.

Not only will you receive weekly emails with your video tutorials and checklists included with all you need for that step, you’ll have an online support group to ask questions about your particular website and issues. We’ll have one one-to-one call to go through your audit and work out an action plan for you and your website. If you’d like more support, you can request more for an extra charge.

By the end of the 10 week programme, (if you need longer, that’s fine), you’ll have a clear strategy to continue to grow your website bringing clients action plan.

For all this training, support and encouragement, you’ll pay £197 (for the whole progamme, and up to 6 months in the support group).


SIMPLE support programme

  • Step by step video tutorials with checklists & guides for each of the 10 sections of the programme. Delivered by email weekly
  • 1 x one hour audit and action plan call with Tracey-Jane Hughes to ensure you know what you’re doing and wanting to do with your website
  • Online support group for 6 months ongoing support. Ask questions, get help & grow your network of supporters

£97.00 for first 10 people

(£197.00 thereafter)


PLUS support programme

  • SIMPLE programme, PLUS:
  • Done for you Audit of your website with guidelines for your next action steps
  • 1 extra one hour training call with Tracey-Jane Hughes to ensure you stay on track with what you’re wanting your website to achieve for you

£247.00 for first 5 people

(£347.00 thereafter)


DOUBLE PLUS support programme

  • PLUS programme, plus
  • 2 x EXTRA one hour training call with Tracey-Jane Hughes to keep you on track, and understand the detail of what you’re doing and wanting your website to achieve
  • Online support group for 6 months ongoing support. Ask questions, get help & grow your network of supporters

£397.00 for first 2 people

(£497.00 thereafter)