I’ve known Angie from Glenbreck Health for about 9 years now, and she’s always been involved with improving people’s health in some way. When she told me she was setting up a new business with the lovely Norma MacPherson it made perfect sense.

Glenbreck Health Ltd have grown rapidly, and their plans for further growth are very exciting. Supporting small and medium sized businesses to keep their workforce healthy and efficient is a big goal, but one which the team are working hard to develop.

I’ve enjoyed helping them with some business technical skills and coaching this year, which has helped them clarify things more, and get things moving to the next stage of business growth.

glenbreck health managing workplace healthWe are a group of highly skilled Occupational Health Professionals with many years experience who specialise in managing all aspects of workplace health for small to medium sized businesses. We can advise on and help with policies and procedures, statutory health surveillance, COSHH compliance, pre-employment assessment, sickness absence and the management of long term health problems which affect people at work. We have special expertise in stress management, mental health issues, musculoskeletal problems and health assessments for off shore workers.

We work closely with our clients, building a relationship to design a cost effective service which meets the specific needs of each business. Whether a business employs 3 or 300 people we will work to provide an appropriate Occupational Health service to meet the needs of each client.

As a business we have 16 years experience working specifically with small to medium sized businesses and we have learned a great deal about the specific challenges which are faced by them. Each client is given an individual service based on the knowledge and experience we have accumulated in this field. We can offer a one off service for a particular problem or we can provide a regular on site service which is reviewed every three months and can be adapted or terminated with three months notice. Companies do not have to be tied into long contracts.

We provide an individually designed service which is audited and reviewed with the client and constantly adapted to meet their changing needs.

It’s always wonderful to see people and businesses grow, and I know that Glenbreck Health has everything in place to grow their services and support more businesses with their workplace health.

Even if you’re not sure what you need to do, or have in place, as a business owner, Glenbreck Health can help you get systems and procedures in place to ensure your staff have a healthy and happy workplace.

To find out more, or ask a ‘silly’ question, contact Glenbreck Health directly:

Contact Glenbreck Health

Phone: 07903 234458

Twitter: @Glenbreck


ADVENT – DAY 14: Josie Dom

Josie Dom

I met Josie Dom this year through a women’s network group and became fascinated by her work. She has such a passion for writing, creating characters and bringing them to life, and in her own words, for “nonsense”.

Josie, as an author, has stories to tell. But it’s much more than that. Josie is passionate about writing, and helping young people learn through playing with words. She works with schools to bring words to life through workshops and crafts.

Our families have similar interests, so we’ve made a connection on different levels this year. It’s lovely to meet new people. I’m so excited about Josie’s new book launch in the spring, and am looking forward to seeing her business (bookshelf) grow.

josie dom author of lumJosie began writing stories as a young girl.  The stories were mostly based around her passion for horse-riding.  As Josie grew up and went to College and then work, writing fell by the wayside.  However, since becoming a Mum in 2006, Josie returned to story writing as a way to entertain first her son, and a couple of years later her daughter.  With practice, Josie felt that some of her stories were ready to be published and so working with her husband as illustrator, their first book “Lum” was published in 2016.  To accompany the books, Josie has sourced cuddly “Lum” toys from a small handmade company in Lincolnshire (Exclusively Handmade).  Josie continues to write lots of stories for young children which will become picture books soon.  The next joint publication will be “Lum’s Mum” which will be available from Spring 2018.

Josie takes inspiration from the funny, everyday happenings and often from misheard comments.  One poignant story about friendship came about after mishearing names on children’s programmes giving her “Big Bad Barry” and “See-Through Tom”.

Josie’s books can be purchased from her website, or in person at various events she attends throughout the year.  Josie also visits schools where she runs interactive story sessions including art/craft activities, a treasure hunt and Q&A sessions.  In 2018, Josie will launch a new Storytelling Workshop for KS1 & KS2 schools.

Josie also loves writing limericks, so if you’re looking for something personalised and a little different why not have a personalised limerick created for your loved one.

I love learning about the process authors go through to get a new book published. There’s so many parts to consider. It’s great that Josie Dom is growing her book collection, as well as her storytelling workshops, so that more children will be inspired by words. And find fun through nonsense along the way.

You can buy Lum, (the book and the cuddly toy), or have a personalised limerick created by Josie Dom. Please contact her direct:



I’m on Facebook:   

and Twitter:             

ADVENT – DAY 13: Monks Astrology

Monks Astrology

Another talented artist visits our Advent Calendar today. Kathryn Monks is a gifted artist, with a love of astrology. Each piece of art she creates, whether it’s stained glass, stone, paint, drawing, or using her laser etching tool and placing beautiful Swarovski crystals, she creates each piece with love and detail.

Kathryn’s love of astrology has brought together her talent in fine art and creativity. She’s creating beautiful jewellery pieces focused on the stars, as well as the stunning astrological charts picked out in crystals. Monks Astrology creates unique gifts for anyone, young and old. The astrological chart is created first, for the occasion you choose, (it could be your business start date, or house move, as well as birth, wedding or christening), and then Kathryn does her magic to create a wonderful piece of art for you.

I’ve been astounded how talented and creative the people are who I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with this year. I’m delighted to introduce you to Monks Astrology.

Monks astrology birth chart clockMonks Astrology specialises in creating beautiful astrological charts, all hand drawn, laser etched to a high standard then adorned with Swarovski crystals. Each one is uniquely different as the chart is a direct reflection of the planetary motions in the sky above.  Some are fitted with a clock mechanism. Each chart comes with it’s own interpretation and are a not only lovely works of art but conversation pieces as well.

Astrology originates from ancient times to survive to this day. Scholars and mathematicians tracked planets in the night sky, and where the planets were in relation to each other is the basis of Astrology. Celestial timings and energetic correspondences, mixed with Greek archetypes and prediction was once the ownership of the Kings. Rich in history and tradition this subject is yours to enjoy. Everyone should know what his or her birth chart says. Most know what their Sun sign is, but most are unaware of where the Moon lies in their chart, what type of partnership suits them the best, or which direction their true destiny calls.

To find out these things, astrology is the process of triangulating between time you and the stars.  Using this process, you can use astrology to cast charts for births, weddings, events, or corporate art by finding out the time, date and place that things commenced.

Monks Astrology, made in Lancashire, with care and dedication by Kathryn Monks.   

To contact Monks Astrology to discuss the commission piece you want Kathryn to create:

Phone: 07821519454 

Email : Monks Astrology

Facebook: MonksFineArt


KCJ Gifts

Sometimes you come across amazing people who are so selfless that they aren’t really aware of what they’re doing and the impact it has on others.

When I first met Kay and Jo in the summer they were selling lovely jewellery and gifts at a friends girls night in party. We got talking, and they told me about their mission of being one world community, where everyone should have the same chances and opportunities in life. They told me about the projects they support, and why they do what they do – “helping to create a better world”.

I was hooked and have been supporting this social enterprise in a very small way since.

kcj gifts affordable eleganceAt KCJ Gifts, we pride ourselves on sourcing a wide range of high quality jewellery, gifts and accessories from our select suppliers, which enables us to offer a beautiful selection at an affordable price. KCJ Gifts are supporters of ‘Stir the Fire Ministries’ in Zambia. By buying a gift from us, you will be helping us to fund various projects, which will help with the building of new schools alongside a daily feeding programme where around 300 orphaned children are fed everyday. By buying a gift from KCJ Gifts, you really can give a gift and change a life.

KCJ Gifts was founded in 2016 with the aim of generating much needed funds for an orphanage and feeding programme in Zambia. We are grounded with a strong Christian ethos which leads us in our partnership with other talented and supportive individuals and businesses. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

Since our initial launch, KCJ Gifts and KCJ Projects have gone from strength to strength. Therefore, we have been able to help hundreds of people both here in the UK and over in Zambia.

Our gift and jewellery range offers a wide selection of beautiful, simple, stylish gifts for all budgets. We offer a gift wrapping service, and also a personal shopping service if you’re not sure what to get someone. If you’re not sure which of our projects you’d like to support, we’ll choose for you based on need as we’re aware of it at the time.

We ship around the world, and will be working up until Christmas to ensure your gifts get to the right people on time.

As I publish this, KCJ Gifts have reached their goal to send 160 pairs of shoes to the orphanage in Zambia they support. This is amazing for this social enterprise to achieve “simply selling gifts”, as some might say.

Their next focus will be on supplying text books for teachers, so they can teach children 7 different subjects each year. They will also be buying books for children to write in so they can learn in a new way.

I’m so inspired by what Kay and Jo are doing, it’s wonderful to have worked with them in a small way this year. I’m really looking forward to watching their business grow, and see the impact it has on communities in different parts of the world.

To shop from KCJ Gifts, or learn more about their projects, please contact Kay and Jo directly:

Facebook – @KCJGifts

Twitter – @kcjgifts

Instagram – @KCJGifts



Advent – Day 11: Tech Support Mama

Tech Support Mama

It’s wonderful to be introducing this business today, on day 11 of our Advent Calendar. I’ve known and worked with Marissa for about 3 years, and she’s a real superstar technical expert. I’ve often gone to her with “is this possible?” type questions about website fixes or improvements, and she always says, “of course” 🙂

She’s creative and has an eye for design and functionality, and she challenges my thinking as much as I challenge her technical skills!

Marissa is a Mum of three children, and manages her workload around their needs.

Marissa has finally put her own website together to enable her to reach more clients, and we’re teaching each other new skills to support our clients better through our collaboration.

If you ask for Done for You services from Manage Those Things, the techy things will be done by Tech Support Mama. If you’d prefer to work directly with Marissa, that’s fine too 🙂

marissa torres tech support mamaI am a  troubleshooter, programmer & web developer by profession and a mother of 3 kids in my chosen career – motherhood.

I have been a work-at-home mama since 2002 and being able to work from home was the perfect setup for me.  Perfect in the sense that I no longer have to worry being away from my kids especially when they are sick;  or feel guilty that I  have left my kids to some stranger and am I not 100% sure if they are being given the proper care they need.

Having met and worked with a lot of clients, I have learned that there are a lot of working-from-home-mothers  like me who are trying to find a way to be able to put their business online and getting lost along the way due to a several difficulties especially on the technical side of doing their online business.

My aim is to provide a human touch to the traditional technical support you get from technical service providers. This helps lessen the stress and worries that you go through, knowing that you now have a partner. Your co-mama is still awake and online working with you and your business.

We find a way to make your online technical challenges easier,  make your online presence more visible and keep your business more secure.

Marissa has a lot of experience in all sorts of technical areas, including WordPress websites, PHP programming and AJAX & JQuery scripting, e-commerce sites and email systems, and formatting spreadsheets. Marissa helps each client learn how to do things themselves, and offers support via email, skype and facebook messenger.

To get the technical support you need, contact Tech Support Mama directly:

Email :

LinkedIn : Marissa Torres


Advent – Day 10: The Seatpost Man

The Seatpost Man

I’ve known John Lee for 16 years, and he’s such a creative clever man! Always finding solutions for technical things, and always having a great idea about something. The difference is, he actually does something about his ideas, unlike most other people!

When John first started helping friends, and people at bike races to get their bike seatposts unstuck, he started working out there was a solution to this issue which prevented damage to the bike. As his friends had some expensive bikes, this was really important! Ha! And so the Seatpost Man was born.

It’s been wonderful seeing the Seatpost Man business grow, and people travelling, or sending their bicycle, from all over the country to have the seatpost unstuck and removed.

Whilst the seatpost man website is currently being re-designed, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity of giving this fabulous business a shout out in our advent calendar.

Great businesses often come from finding a solution to a problem no-one else has worked out. This is a great business & it’s a delight to be supporting and sharing in this way.

seatpost man

My business specializes in professionally removing tight or seized seatposts from bicycle frames using a totally unique method which will withdraw the post (intact if possible) in a safe and frame friendly way. 

Over twenty years ago a friend asked me to attempt to remove a seized seat post from an old BMX frame. My method was successful and was my inspiration when more recently another friend asked me the same thing.

As this seatpost was in great condition I designed and fabricated a tool to remove it, with little or no marking, to allow it to be reused and have since used this method to great effect on more customers bikes. I have now increased my tooling and can remove damaged or fully seized seatposts from most frames.

You may have struggled with a seized bicycle seatpost yourself, or know someone who has. Well, John and his seatpost man tool will get it unseized for you! He’s successfully removed more than 600 stuck bike seatposts now, and loves helping people get back on their favourite bike.

Contact the Seatpost Man direct to book your poorly bike in and get that seatpost unstuck:

Phone: 07539474088

Email Seatpost Man 

Facebook @theseatpostman1

Instagram @theseatpostman



Advent – Day 9: Online Visibility Academy

Online Visibility Academy

Day 9 and December is whizzing by. Today I’m introducing you to some more lovely people, who run the Online Visibility Academy, who are skilled and knowledgeable in so many ways, and have helped us so much in getting our business growing.

I’ve known Sarah & Kevin Arrow for probably about 8 years, and followed their business growth and development, whilst dipping in and out of learning with them and from them.

Sarah is probably best known for her blogging knowledge, and running the 30 day blogging challenge, which I’ve done a few times and always dip into the resources for ourselves and our clients, but this is just one small part of how she helps businesses to grow.

online visibility academy

Marketing your business as an entrepreneur can be tough at times. You’re not just an entrepreneur; you’re a parent, a sibling, a partner, the chef and the bottle washer… You have some many capes and masks, it can be hard to remember who you are at times! And then there’s business you. You need leads, you need products and services to launch and then of course you desire leverage in order to live the life of your dreams. In fact, it can seem like you’re from outer space, that everyone everyone else is a digital native or speaking another language at times.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We support business focused superheros, like you, in growing your business using digital marketing. You’ll love how your time is freed up, your influence increases and your bank balance grows.

Online Visibility Academy

From How to set up your wordpress website, through Leads and LinkedIn, to Optimise Anything, and everything you need in between, we’ll teach you how to be visible online.

You take the online courses at your own pace, and we support you through our online groups, or our Visibility VIPs coaching programme.

Sarah and Kevin are so generous, and we’ve loved all the courses we’ve done with them.  The style is simple to understand, and you can go at your own pace, with their help along the way. The support groups they have are filled with wonderful businesses and helpful people, so there’s always someone on hand to help you with a technical detail for your website, or a general, “what do you think I should do about” type question.

It’s a real pleasure to showcase the Online Visibility Academy in our advent calendar. It’s a reverse one today, as they’ve helped us & we’ve learnt from them. They’ve helped build our confidence these last few years, and we know they’ll help you too.

For more information about Online Visibility Academy and the individual courses available, contact Sarah and Kevin directly:

Facebook – FollowTheArrows

Twitter – @SarahArrow      &    @KevinArrow


Advent – Day 7: One2One Listening

One2One Listening

I’m delighted to share today’s advent calendar listing. It’s a bit different today, as I’ve been involved with the One2One Listening service for about 2 years, in many capacities.

I project managed the initial stages of launching the service, including creating the volunteer handbook, structures, and processes. I’m a volunteer trainer, working with other volunteer tutors to train people to listen better, and those that want to, to train in Professional Listening skills (3 modules of training), to become volunteer Listeners in the Preston based service.

Listening, and the power of listening, has changed my life, and I know it changes others too.

one2one listeningWe’re here to listen…

…and help those who need a safe space to be heard, to reach their own decisions and find their own solutions.

Why is listening so important?

  • We live in a noisy, busy, world where many of us are crying out, “help. No-one is listening to me”
  • We long for space to breathe, talk and be heard
  • When we are listened to we feel respected, valued, significant, empowered, helped and affirmed

 What is One2One Listening?

  • It’s a space to share anything that is on your mind.
  • It’s a space for you to talk in private to a trained listener who will not interupt, advise, or judge you
  • It’s a space where you will be encouraged to find your own way forward

Who is One2One Listening for?

  • Anyone over 18 who wants to talk about life issues such as bereavement, loneliness, anxiety, financial concerns, relationship and family problems, unemployment, health concerns

A listening space is a private confidential time between you and a volunteer listening in a comfortable safe room for both of you. You’ll have up to 50 minutes with the volunteer listener to talk about anything you want, and they will simply listen to you and let you say whatever you want. The process of saying your thoughts out loud will help you put your thoughts in a little bit of order, and help you decide if there’s anything you want to do after you’ve been listened to.

I’ve been amazed how “just” listening has helped people move forward with whatever has been on their mind. Even the short practices in training sessions have helped individuals with concerns they’d had on their mind to feel better, and move forward.

Listening is a big part of what we do at Manage Those Things – listening to clients, and helping them to listen to themselves. It’s from being involved with this project that we’ve learnt to listen to ourselves better, and follow our dreams.

To learn more about the One2One Listening service, or book an appointment in Preston, please contact them directly:

Book an appointment online or by phone 07542 076603

Facebook page: One2One Listening

Advent Calendar – Day 6: Stay Fit and Healthy

Stay Fit and Healthy

December is flying by already! Behind day 6 of our Advent Calendar we introduce Stay Fit and Healthy. This is our sister company which inspires confidence in people to stay fit and healthy their way. There’s no one way to maintain good health and fitness, and we encourage people to do what’s right for their body and lifestyle.

We’ve learnt, that maintaining good health, both physical and mental, is necessary for running and growing a business. What happens when you start forgetting to look after yourself? Think about it. Maybe you can see why staying fit and healthy, and being a confident business owner stand hand in hand, and we’re passionate about both.

stay fit and healthy do what you loveWe’ve been helping people stay fit and healthy for over two years, with personal coaching, support, listening, encouragement, and health supplements (if they’ll help). We’re fans of the simple plant, aloe vera, and the amazing health benefits it can bring to each of us, whatever our age, and health right now.

We’ve helped individuals ease menopause symptoms, irritable bowel syndrome, smooth diabetic blood sugar levels, arthritis, and the boost the immune system. We’ve helped improve skin which suffers from ezcema and psorisasis. We’ve helped people gain confidence in themselves, and focus on their own mental and physical health. Not in a selfish way, but if you’re not fit and healthy, how are you going to do all those things you want to do, with your family and/or your business. We’ve helped people kick start their healthy eating and fitness with a 9 day cleanse, and a free 30 day stay fit and healthy challenge.

Health is such an important gift to us, that we often take it for granted. We want everyone to explore how to stay fit and healthy their way, and find the activities they enjoy most, and the foods they like to eat with their friends and family, that will maintain their good health. We promote, share, support and encourage those around us to stay fit and healthy, and encourage people to join us on our mission to help others.

Whether you’re just needing someone to talk to about where you are now, or what health and fitness improvements you’d like to make, we can help you.

Stay fit and healthy can help you in a number of ways. We offer listening, coaching, help with health and fitness planning, motivation, support, and food supplements to support your health.

Contact the team directly :

Facebook – @stayfitandhealthyUK

Twitter – @StayFitHealthUK

Advent Calendar – Day 5: Chic Glassware

Chic Glassware

I’m delighted to welcome Liz Chick and Chic Glassware to our Advent Calendar.

Liz and I have been best friends for almost 20 years – wow! That’s a long time! 🙂 Liz has many talents, and it was wonderful that she started taking her crafty interest further, and has created her own business from a hobby. It’s been wonderful supporting her, and the business growth over the past couple of years.

chic glassware


I love creating unique gifts for people to give away to loved ones, or for special occasions. I love the challenges some people give me, and whilst I don’t (can’t) share all the work I’ve done, I love everything I create. I often don’t want to hand them over to the client!

I hand paint, then seal the paint, onto glassware. If you have your own glasses you’d like me to make unique, I can do that too for you. Bespoke hand painted glasses are perfect for parties, christenings, weddings, retirements and of course Christmas.

I enjoy creating glasses for a whole Christmas party, and hearing the stories of who will be coming for the party my clients are wanting the glasses painted for. I work from your ideas to create the unique chic glassware for you. There are some favourite designs people love, and I personalise many glasses to make them even more special for those you’re buying for.

Children seem to love having their ‘special glass’, but we’ve also done unique glasses for dinner and party guests, so no-one can get their glass muddled up!

Chic glassware can create centerpieces for table decorations for weddings, anniversaries or parties, which you can then give to special guests at the end as a thank you. If you don’t feel creative, simply give us a theme, and we’ll take it from there to create unique glass gifts for you.

We post chic glassware around the world. Last orders for Christmas 2017 15th December.

Whilst you may well already be sorted for Christmas presents this year, the glasses chic glassware created for the Christmas dinner table two years ago made that year extra special for the extended family. Consider getting Liz to create something special and unique for a special friend or for a special gift.

Contact Liz at chic glassware directly and use your creativity to make others smile 🙂

Facebook: @chicglassware

Instagram: @chicglassware