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Why conversation is important to us

I love talking and meeting people and having a conversation. It helps the world go round, don’t you think?

If you don’t have a conversation with your client, how will you know what they want, and if you’re the right business to serve them?

How do find the right supplier, or negotiate the right deal for your business? You have to have a conversation.

I was looking at ways to help business owners learn tips and tricks to improve you improve your time management, or learn how to do something. I know you don’t have much time to go searching for what’s right for you. There’s so many courses and tutorials and youtube videos available, but what’s going to work for you?

Conversation with experts

in conversation with Sarah Arrow blogging for business tipsLast week I decided to have conversations with some experts I know in different areas of business, and personal development. My goal is to spend no longer than 30 minutes with the expert – they’re busy and so are you – getting a couple of #tipsforbusiness owners from them from our conversation.

I love learning, and spend a lot of time reading, and watching tutorials and webinars. But I’m sometimes left with more questions than I started with! I want to ask “what does that mean for me?”, “how do I do that in my situation?”. So, this way, I can do the asking!

We’re carrying out these conversations on our Facebook page as a live interview. So they’re free for anyone to watch, and ask questions during the conversation (or in advance if you can’t come live). We’ve created quite a list in a short space of time, and are now getting experts booked in for conversations in April. It’s wonderful how so many people are wanting to share their tips with others so we can all learn and do better in our lives and business.

Every conversation is recorded and will be available afterwards. For our Cheerleading Club members, they’ll have them in the club resource centre. We’ll also be putting them on our YouTube Channel, and of course on the Facebook page, so hopefully they’ll be easy for you to find what you need.

What would you like to learn from a conversation

So whilst I’ve started learning and having amazing conversations with fantastic people, we’d like to hear what you would like to learn from a conversation with….Who? Who would you like to have a conversation with?

If we can all have more conversations with each other, we’re bound to understand each other better, learn more, and help each other more aren’t we, and grow all areas of our business too?

That’s a dream I’m having at the moment.

Join our conversations & let’s grow together. A full list of our events is here on our Events Page.


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  1. Esther Nagle
    Esther Nagle says:

    I loved our conversation on Tuesday Tracey-Jane. And you’re right, you can sometimes learn so much more from a short conversation with a real person than you can learn in 5 hours of solo research, and it can be so good for the soul! I ended up chatting to a new friend yesterday when I had planned to be working, and it turned out to be the soul food (and creative inspiration) I needed!

    • Manage
      Manage says:

      Thanks Esther. Since I started this with a germ of an idea, I’ve realised that I haven’t been speaking to people enough. I’ve missed it. Sounds like you had fun!

  2. Shelley Fishel
    Shelley Fishel says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation yesterday Tracey-Jane. Love helping people learn more about Microsoft Office and find ways to do things faster that they never knew existed. You ask great questions too! Have a fabulous weekend.

    • Manage
      Manage says:

      Thanks so much Shelley. You’ve really inspired me. If I’d asked someone earlier about Microsoft, think of all that time I would have saved! I’m on it this week 🙂


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