explore your options and manage those things

Exploring options and ideas takes time and effort.

As a business owner we often think we don’t have time to explore options. We have to keep doing to keep things moving.

What if you did take some time out of your busy week simply to explore some options about the next steps?

Or to look seriously at the ideas that have been going around in your head?

Or even to try and understand why you feel so stuck right now?

Explore with someone else makes it easier

You know the saying, “A problem shared is a problem halved”?

So, by talking about your ideas with someone else will help you get clarity. Other people often see things you don’t, don’t they?

So how about spending a bit of time with someone who’ll listen and ask you questions to help you explore your ideas and options even more?

What would that feel like to you? A relief? A help?

Explore Call

Tracey-Jane Hughes runs own business of Manage Those Things

Tracey-Jane Hughes

We know how important it is to get your thoughts clear, and it’s not always easy to do it by yourself. We know, we’ve struggled too!

That’s why we offer a free 20 minute explore call to help you get your thoughts in order. All we ask is that you commit to one action at the end of the call. Would that help you right now?

Book it & let’s get you unstuck 🙂

Action Learning Set

Action learning is all about exploring, with a small group of like minded people who want you to succeed and grow.

I run a face to face Action Learning Set in Preston every 6 weeks, with up to 6 people in the group. Each person has up to 45 minutes every time for their own issues/ideas/problems. I faciliate the group to support you to explore the options available (some which you come up with, others the group will suggest). You’ll commit to action at the end of your time. You’ll also learn from others issues/ideas/problems as you share and ask questions. It opens you up to learning from others as well as listening to yourself in a supportive environment.

In the Business Cheerleading Club we use Action Learning each month for members to have up to 2o minutes for their own issue/problem/idea.

If you’d like to be part of an online Action Learning Set, please get in touch as I’m currently putting together a group which will meet monthly or 6 weekly, as the Preston group does.

Summer Stay on Track Sessions

6 x 20 minute one to one calls (one a week) to help you stay on track during your summer which may be disrupted by holidays, children, or partners being on holiday.

Only 5 places remaining.

Book now for only £132 for your summer one to one coaching support to keep you on track so you hit the ground running in September 🙂