manage client expectations with your business contracts

How to manage client expectations – the magic tool your business needs

Have you ever had a client say –“ I don’t expect to pay more for that”?

Or a client that took ages to pay?

Have you ever had a client that said  “I want you to do that now”?

If you are working long hours to get the work done and not making all the money you thought you would – then you need to look at your contracts.

Yes contracts.   Those boring old things that lawyers write that nobody understands!

In this online workshop we will be exploring how clear contracts can be used to:

  • to set and manage client expectations
  • discourage last minute work
  • maximise your profit when it really is urgent

You will also learn:

  • What you are legally obliged to put in writing
  • What you should be putting in writing to protect yourself
  • What will help you get paid on time


This workshop will be built around what you want to know, so please submit your questions to the Tracey-Jane in advance, so we can add in the key things that really bother you.

If you’ve ever heard Annabel Kaye, from KoffeeKlatch, speak on any legal subject you will know that this webinar is going to be packed full of top tips to get you in the right place to manage your client relationships.    She tackles complex subjects in a clear and humorous way.  You may even find yourself laughing.   She spent a lot of time on radio and tv explaining the dreaded GDPR and her clear way of explaining things meant she got asked back again and again.

If you are nervous about issuing contracts because you don’t want to upset your clients, Annabel will show you how you can have contracts in ordinary English that are friendly and open.  Not one word of Latin (or boring old Victorian English).

If you have contracts you don’t really understand (and worse still your clients don’t understand) you will learn how important it is to change that, and to embed a REAL agreement into the heart of your business.

Ready to manage client expectations? Join the online workshop

The workshop will be held live online on Thursday 12th July 10am BST / GMT+1

Once you’ve booked your place, using the booking link below, you’ll be sent instructions to login to the online workshop room via Zoom.

It will be recorded and you will get the recording up to 48 hours after the event has completed.

You can pay by debit or credit card. You don’t need to have, or set up, a Paypal account to pay by this method.