Action Learning Set

Action learning is an approach to individual and organisational development. Working in small groups known as ‘sets’, people tackle important organisational issues or problems and learn from their attempts to change things.

Action Learning for Managers, Mike Pedlar, 2008

Action Learning SetTaking part in an Action Learning Set can be a valuable way of learning, for yourself and your business. It’s a simple idea, but it requires commitment and care to make the best use of the ideas learnt, and the support gained from working with a small group of like minded people.

Our Action Learning Sets will work with a maximum of 6 people in a group, and spend one day a month together. You will commit to working with the group for a minimum of 6 months, so that as your relationships build and you grow to trust your fellow participants, so the learning will increase. Your ideas and actions will become more diverse, but you’ll also become more relaxed at taking action in your business, and get more used to things not working out as you imagined.

there is no learning without action and no (sober and deliberate) action without learning.

Reg Revans

Action Learning Set – what happens?

Structure for the day:

9am Members arrive at venue

9.30 First person focuses on their issue

10.30 Second person focuses on their issue

11.30 Third person focuses on their issue

12.15 Lunch

12.45 Fourth person focuses on their issue

1.45 Fifth person focuses on their issue

2.45 Sixth person focuses on their issue

3.45 Group reflections & committed actions confirmed

4.30 Finished for the day

Action Learning Problem Brief

The main question we get is, “what problems or issues can I bring to the group?” Well, it really is whatever is important to you at the time.

A guide we give the participants will help. We ask you to think through these questions:

  • Can you describe your problem / situation in one sentence?
  • Why is this problem / issue important?
    • to you?
    • to your company?
  • How will you recognise progress on this problem?
  • Who else would like to see progress on this problem?
  • What difficulties do you anticipate?
  • What are the benefits if this problem is reduced or resolved?
    • to me?
    • to other people?
    • to the organisation?
    • to the community?

If you’re not sure if being part of an Action Learning Set is right for you, book a free one hour explore call with Tracey-Jane, and work out what you’re wanting to achieve in the next 6 months, and what options may be best for you.

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