Have you ever felt ‘out of sorts’, or wondered if you were on the right track as what you were doing just didn’t feel right?

Are you one person at work, or in your business, and feel like you’re a different person at home?

You’re not alone.

Many of us lose track of who we are, and what we love to do. For all sorts of reasons. So when we get into the excitement of running our own business, we often lose sight of why we set the business up in the first place.

Parents often wonder why they’re doing what they’re doing, and those of us who are carers of others, sometimes struggle to ensure we maintain our sanity, as well as continue to do the things we enjoy doing. For us. We have to look after ourselves so we can give to others.

Ring true?

Well, we’ve learnt, (the hard way), that, forgetting Why we were doing something has left us running down paths we never imagined, and really didn’t like. We’ve taken ourselves and our businesses to extremes, when actually, we should have kept things simple, and stuck the original why we set up our business – to serve customers, and have fun doing it.

Having discovered Simon Sinek’s Know Your Why, and worked through discovering our why, we suddenly felt back in sync with life and the world.

As an listener and coach, in life and business, it made perfect sense to offer a service to others to help you Find Your Why. It’s much easier to work with someone who doesn’t know you that well, who can pull out themes from the stories of your life, and work with you to Find Your Why, and then your How and Whats.