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Healthier you means healthier business

Do you believe that if you’re in a fit and healthy state mentally and physically you’ll have a healthier business? What are you doing to ensure you’re fit and healthy?

We do.

From personal experience, we’ve had healthier businesses, and happier customers when we’ve personally been happier and healthier ourselves.

If you’re ill and can’t go into work, open the shop, or create product, or follow up prospects, then your business literally starts to grind to a halt. When you’re on holiday you make plans for cover don’t you? But when you’re poorly there’s not always the same opportunity to get the right cover in place to fulfill the tasks you do. (We’ll talk about crisis management & continuity in your business another time).

Now we all know there’s a fine line between mental health and physical health sometimes, and they’re linked together inextricably. Personally, if I don’t have a walk, or some physical exercise each day, I feel low, and can’t think straight. It took me a long time to acknowledge the link though!

Why does my good health create a healthier business?

healthier you means healthier businessOK, think about it for just a second. If you’re feeling happy, that rubs off on those around you, and you will help them feel happier too, right?

It’s the same for your health. You are your business, or certainly leading it if you have a team who works with you.

If you’re under the weather, you don’t fire on all cylinders do you? You may make decisions differently than when you’re fully well. If you’re suffering from stress, or depression, this will certainly affect your decision making in your business, and your focus is likely to be distracted from your overall business goals.

Do you ever get fed up, close your computer and go for a walk? (or run, or bike ride, or yoga – whatever it is you do for relaxation and exercise) What happens?

It’s more than likely you’ll be more relaxed, and the issue that was frustrating you has either become insignificant, or not important; or, you’ll have worked out the answer to move things forward.

Does that sound familiar?

All that is, is you keeping yourself – brain and body – healthy, so you can make the right choices in your business.

How will you create a healthier business this year?

There’s many factors which go into creating and running a business. With many areas to manage as well. Managing them all well will help you create a healthier business this year, but what about you?

Have you got time off and holidays scheduled in your diary?

Do you take regular breaks during the day?

What’s your daily personal schedule to keep you healthy?

If you need some support to get you and your business more healthy, book a call with Tracey-Jane, or use the Business Cheerleading Club support and coaching to help you improve this aspect of your business.

How do you keep yourself fit and healthy, to ensure you manage your business as well as you can?


Advent Calendar – Day 6: Stay Fit and Healthy

Stay Fit and Healthy

December is flying by already! Behind day 6 of our Advent Calendar we introduce Stay Fit and Healthy. This is our sister company which inspires confidence in people to stay fit and healthy their way. There’s no one way to maintain good health and fitness, and we encourage people to do what’s right for their body and lifestyle.

We’ve learnt, that maintaining good health, both physical and mental, is necessary for running and growing a business. What happens when you start forgetting to look after yourself? Think about it. Maybe you can see why staying fit and healthy, and being a confident business owner stand hand in hand, and we’re passionate about both.

stay fit and healthy do what you loveWe’ve been helping people stay fit and healthy for over two years, with personal coaching, support, listening, encouragement, and health supplements (if they’ll help). We’re fans of the simple plant, aloe vera, and the amazing health benefits it can bring to each of us, whatever our age, and health right now.

We’ve helped individuals ease menopause symptoms, irritable bowel syndrome, smooth diabetic blood sugar levels, arthritis, and the boost the immune system. We’ve helped improve skin which suffers from ezcema and psorisasis. We’ve helped people gain confidence in themselves, and focus on their own mental and physical health. Not in a selfish way, but if you’re not fit and healthy, how are you going to do all those things you want to do, with your family and/or your business. We’ve helped people kick start their healthy eating and fitness with a 9 day cleanse, and a free 30 day stay fit and healthy challenge.

Health is such an important gift to us, that we often take it for granted. We want everyone to explore how to stay fit and healthy their way, and find the activities they enjoy most, and the foods they like to eat with their friends and family, that will maintain their good health. We promote, share, support and encourage those around us to stay fit and healthy, and encourage people to join us on our mission to help others.

Whether you’re just needing someone to talk to about where you are now, or what health and fitness improvements you’d like to make, we can help you.

Stay fit and healthy can help you in a number of ways. We offer listening, coaching, help with health and fitness planning, motivation, support, and food supplements to support your health.

Contact the team directly :

Facebook – @stayfitandhealthyUK

Twitter – @StayFitHealthUK