ADVENT – DAY 21: WP Fiddly Bits

WP Fiddly Bits

Day 21, and we’re getting closer to the end of our business showcase for Advent 2017. It’s amazing to look back and see who we’ve worked with in some way this year. And some of our clients, and businesses we collaborate with didn’t want to be involved, so I’m overwhelmed with the number and variety of businesses we work with.

Today it’s the turn of another good friend Alison Rothwell social media consultant. I first met Alison years ago with my first business, bras4mums when she had her second baby. Alison’s businesses have changed over the years, and it’s been wonderful to be a part of her business growth over that time. We’ve supported each other in various ways, with our individual expertise.

Alison’s current business WPFiddlyBits focuses on just that – getting those fiddly bits on a wordpress website sorted out. So it totally fits with Manage Those Things & us helping you get ‘things’ sorted out.

alison rothwellHere at WP Fiddly Bits we work with people like you to keep your website safely up and running, fix those niggly issues that occur and enable you to keep your site and your online marketing up to date.

It’s a wordpress maintenance service with a twist.

Each plan comes with free hosting, website theme and plugin updates done for you and daily website and wordpress database backups.

You can then choose to add either one or two hours of support each month – and you can use this time to take care of even more of those fiddly bits you don’t have the time, knowledge or inclination to DIY.

Boosting your brand: We keep your WordPress theme and plugins updated, so your customers don’t think you are out of date!

Keeping Your Website Safe: Your website and WordPress database backed up daily.

Free Web Hosting: Hassle free and safe website hosting.

Keeping Your Marketing Current: We can help your site stay relevant by adding the bells and whistles your competitiors have, quickly and professionally.

Alison and her team have just rebuilt our website. We are nothing short of thrilled – they have been very easy to work with, very quick and clearly know exactly what they are doing. We have signed up to a Fiddly Bits package for ongoing support.


We also help you do your own SEO, through our Free SEO Tips and Free SEO Training.

It’s been wonderful having Alison as part of our expert online marketing team for our “Get your website working” course. Her free tips are a perfect starting point before diving deeper into the course. Alison has agreed to continue to be part of the support team for those going through the course, which is fantastic for those wanting to learn more about how to do their own SEO, or manage their own website.

Alison and the WP Fiddly Bits team are experts in their field and we work collaboratively with them with a number of our clients. We always want the best for those businesses we work with, so if that means recommending another business, that’s exactly what we’ll do!

To learn more about how Alison Rothwell and her WP Fiddly Bits team can help your business grow online, contact them directly:

Phone: +44 20 8798 0709


Twitter: @AlisonRothwell

Facebook: @AlisonJRothwell


Advent – Day 11: Tech Support Mama

Tech Support Mama

It’s wonderful to be introducing this business today, on day 11 of our Advent Calendar. I’ve known and worked with Marissa for about 3 years, and she’s a real superstar technical expert. I’ve often gone to her with “is this possible?” type questions about website fixes or improvements, and she always says, “of course” 🙂

She’s creative and has an eye for design and functionality, and she challenges my thinking as much as I challenge her technical skills!

Marissa is a Mum of three children, and manages her workload around their needs.

Marissa has finally put her own website together to enable her to reach more clients, and we’re teaching each other new skills to support our clients better through our collaboration.

If you ask for Done for You services from Manage Those Things, the techy things will be done by Tech Support Mama. If you’d prefer to work directly with Marissa, that’s fine too 🙂

marissa torres tech support mamaI am a  troubleshooter, programmer & web developer by profession and a mother of 3 kids in my chosen career – motherhood.

I have been a work-at-home mama since 2002 and being able to work from home was the perfect setup for me.  Perfect in the sense that I no longer have to worry being away from my kids especially when they are sick;  or feel guilty that I  have left my kids to some stranger and am I not 100% sure if they are being given the proper care they need.

Having met and worked with a lot of clients, I have learned that there are a lot of working-from-home-mothers  like me who are trying to find a way to be able to put their business online and getting lost along the way due to a several difficulties especially on the technical side of doing their online business.

My aim is to provide a human touch to the traditional technical support you get from technical service providers. This helps lessen the stress and worries that you go through, knowing that you now have a partner. Your co-mama is still awake and online working with you and your business.

We find a way to make your online technical challenges easier,  make your online presence more visible and keep your business more secure.

Marissa has a lot of experience in all sorts of technical areas, including WordPress websites, PHP programming and AJAX & JQuery scripting, e-commerce sites and email systems, and formatting spreadsheets. Marissa helps each client learn how to do things themselves, and offers support via email, skype and facebook messenger.

To get the technical support you need, contact Tech Support Mama directly:

Email :

LinkedIn : Marissa Torres